Beautiful coconut oil sourced from Bali. I have used it for an all over body moisturiser. I love their scrubs infused with essential oils. My new favourite is The Eye serum which is lighter and suitable for the face and neck too. Koqo coconut oil products feel very luxurious.

- Kim B.

Couldn’t thank enough for the lady who introduced me and given me great discount to buy/start using Koqo (Anti-aging hand body moisturiser 100ml Geranium Frankincense) for both my hands/palms bad eczema... during one of the roadshow few months ago. Now my eczema hands/palms are almost healed and i bought the “Face body hair handmade coconut oil lavender 100ml” and the “All-in-one handmade wet milled virgin coconut oil 250ml”. I inter-switch use these two on whole body (including face). Now my dry skin has improved so much, am happy seeing my skin is more supple, fine lines/wrinkles is lessen and the pigmentation is lighten too. Is definitely great product and strongly recommend.

- Linda N.

Chanced upon the stall at Westgate and curious about the koqo products. Impressed by the lady with clean and glowing skin who approached me and try explaining about the products. I did not manage to enquire further as the music is loud, but decided to buy a bottle of oil with lavender to try. I must say this is a very good product. The moisturising effect lasts very long and it penetrates deep into the skin , smells light and nice and price is very reasonable. I would highly recommend this product.

- Christina C.

Met the two ladies behind this artisanal production at a Fair, and spent a lot of time chatting and understanding about how their oil is handmade and the way they give back to the community... supporting local!

- Tan L.C.

koqo eye really works for baby’s LO’s hair grows blacker and denser now with use of only 3 times (within 1 week)..i had used original coconut oil for my hair, it’s softer and less frizzy....

- Femi N.

Was in a rush while I was stopped by Adeline during a roadshow. I have never like coconut oils because of the smell. However, I tried the the Coconut oil with lavender essential oil, that smells so nice. Moreover, she told me that normal moisturisers do not penetrate as deeply and skin will feel dry again quickly because of the usually high water content but using Koqo's coconut oil can penetrate deeper into many more layers of the skin and lasts longer up to 5/6 hrs after applying and helps to reduce fine lines appearing. So I bought it without hesitation.Koqo's coconut oils works wonders for me and my family! It keeps me moisturized from head to toes. I am amazed by it as it keeps my hair soft and bouncy throughout the day as well. I would highly recommend these products.

- Mavis L.

So many good things about this company and its products--eco-friendly, sustainable, and simply good for the skin.

- Eva W.

Great product! Works wonder for my kid's rash!

- Kaz O.

Love your products!! Yes there are many coconut oils in the market, but yours ranks high in taste and quality.

- Anjali A.

Find that this is better than other brands of coconut oil - it helps to convert my dry hair into normal hair!

- Peiling X.

Amazing product. I used them for almost everything!

- Norazila A.

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