WHAT ARE THE AMAZING QUALITIES OF COCONUT OIL?? Coconut Your way to Soft, Glowing Skin & Smooth, Shiny Hair

Here's the secret to this amazing fruit! There are namely 3 healthy medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) - Lauric, Capric and Caprylic acids. These are good fats that help keep skin hydrated and supple, & delay sagging of skin! It's also full of anti-oxidant properties which protect against dryness and keep your skin supple youthful looking!

Coconut oil is most effective in moisturizing the scalp - Lauric and Capric acids allow the oil to easily penetrate the hair shaft and reach the hair cuticle to moisturize from the inside. It is full of restorative proteins and vitamin E which helps add body and shine to your hair. So it tames the flyaways and get rid of split ends too!

koqo Your way to Strong & Glossy Hair!

The vitamins and essential fatty acids found naturally in coconut oil nourish the scalp and help to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles. Have you tried using coconut oil as an INTENSIVE treatment for your hair? I was not convinced at first but after using it for a month, I found that my hair was not falling out as much as it used to plus it looked more glossy & healthy. Our hair can feel dry and brittle after coming back from a beach or winter holiday. And all those styling products we use to help us look our best at social dinners & functions may also damage hair over time. Here's a rescue remedy which works for me all the time! INTENSIVE HAIR TREATMENT 1. Pour about 1-2 tablespoon of koqo's pure coconut oil (or Infused collection with + Peppermint & Rosemary essential oils) & spread all over your hair (depending how long your hair is) starting from the scalp to the hair ends, massage into scalp for at least 10 minutes for the oil to penetrate the cuticle and roots of each strand. 2. Clip or bun up long hair & cover with a shower cap. 3. Leave the coconut oil on your hair for at least 30 minutes up to an hour. 4. Or sleep overnight with the shower cap or a towel wrapped around your hair. 5. Shampoo & condition as usual and if necessary, shampoo twice using good quality shampoos with safe ingredients.

"It is a fabulous feeling when I know that I can actually EAT what I am putting on my face, skin & hair! Not all coconut oils are made the same way so we went in search for the best purest quality for you & your loved ones. K o q o 's 100% PURE, HANDMADE, WET-MILLED coconut oil is the natural choice for you & your family!"

Slather Coconut Oil All Over Are You Serious?

Oil on my FACE & BODY? I thought incredulously a year ago and now, I wished I had slathered it on decades ago! But it is never too late to start. I've always had oily and sensitive skin and never managed to finish the skincare products I bought because they did not seem to work after 3-4 weeks and some of the rather expensive ones even brought on increased outbreaks for my skin. It was always frustrating and a challenge getting the right product for my skin type and I have literally given up all hope until... I decided to WHY NOT try organic coconut oil! Since the oil is traditionally handmade with the purest intention, I slathered on with no hesitation and have never looked back since! It has helped re-balance the facial oil production on my face over time, softened the skin on my body and I wake up now to glowing skin every day! Even my husband noticed the change after 3 months of using it! Currently, I use koqo's handmade coconut oil to clean off my makeup or sunblock daily. Once a week, I gently massage Koqo's oil (+ Lemongrass) to help tone and sterilize my pores for 30 seconds then put a warm facial towel over my face for another 30 seconds before I rinse it all off gently with a facial wash. Do not scrub! My face feels soft and supple and I use the extra sheer Eye oil to dab around my eye area, lips and neck areas to complete my routine. After my shower, I love to lather koqo's oil (+ Lavender) all over my body on clean slightly damp skin. The scent of infused lavender is calming and relaxing. Your skin will feel softer, smoother and more hydrated after 1-2 months of slathering. TIP: Important to massage the oils into your skin or scalp completely until no trace of oil or shine is on the surface to enjoy the benefits of the natural nutrients in our oils. Less is more, a little goes a long way...and our oils last longer than others! So why is koqo's coconut oil different and rare? It is 100% Handmade. No Machines are used. Koqo's coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconut milk via natural fermentation which produces the highest level of nutrients & anti-oxidants that is great for our skin! Produced in small batches, our coconut oil is always fresh! There are so many amazing benefits of this "Supernut", let's start by Koqo's favorites here. xoxo Adeline

Benefits of Essential Oils Infused with koqo's Handmade Virgin Coconut Oil All suitable as Hair Oil, Body Oil & Massage Oil

We use only 100% Pure, Organic essential oils

WHAT IS OIL PULLING? Freshen Breath, Stronger Gums & Whiten Teeth Naturally

Oil pulling is an age-old remedy, a natural way to reduce harmful bacteria in the mouth, detoxify gums & teeth and improve oral health. Essentially it is used as a natural mouthwash! k o q o's coconut oil is highly recommended if you are already oil pulling as it is of pure drinking grade, rich in medium chain triglycerides and high in lauric acid. Coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties which helps clear up germs in the mouth.

1.Swirl the oil in the morning before you brush your teeth or drink anything. 2. Gently swirl 3 pumps of coconut oil in your mouth and between your teeth for 10-20 minutes. 3. Do not swallow any of the oil after swishing as it contains toxins & bacteria "pulled" from your mouth. 4. Spit out the oil in the trash (not the sink!) and immediately rinse your mouth out with warm salt water. 5. Then brush your teeth as normal.

The All-In-One 100ml koqo FACE.BODY.HAIR spray/pump bottle is our Star Buy!  It is light & convenient & proves to be a great everyday multi-tasker from instant lip gloss, hand sanitiser & hand moisturiser to makeup remover & balm for bites & burns. It also adds instant shine to dry hair & hair ends. What's more, you can add to your coffee & salad for an instant energy boost.

DIY Sulphate-free shampoo

Mix coconut oil with apple cider vinegar to make a natural shampoo. It makes your hair super soft and shiny.

100% Natural hair detangler

Rub oil between palms and onto wet hair before combing through. It won’t leave any oily residue on hair.

Relieve sunburn, itchy skin

Soothes & relieves sunburned skin. Our VCO+Lavender does the job beautifully, promoting healing of skin after sunburn.

Get rid of dandruff

Rub oil on scalp a to get rid of dandruff and to strengthen roots to reduce hair loss.

Repairs,heals skin & cracked heels

Promotes healing for eczema & psoriarsis sufferers. Naturally hydrates & provides deep moisture to skin. Works on cracked heels too!

Natural massage & carrier Oil

Our VCO+Lemongrass doubles up as massage oil to soothe tired muscles. Or add your favourite essential oil to our VCO carrier oil.

Clears Oily & Acne-Prone Skin

Works 15 times better than benzoyl peroxide & it's a safer natural treatment for acne. Its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial & anti-fungal properties protect & heal skin too!

Natural make-up remover

Our VCO is a natural make-up remover, gliding smoothly over face to remove all traces of make-up, especially eye make-up! Cleanses & nourishes skin.

Cheek Highlighter

Simply sweep a small amount of koqo's coconut oil on top of makeup, on your brow bone or cheekbones. Makes your skin glow & look dewy.

Natural Lip Gloss

Our handmade VCO infused +Peppermint & Rosemary is recommended as a natural replacement to the commercial brands. You can also apply on your forehead, temples, and wrists when feeling stressed or a migraine coming...

Shaving Cream

Coconut oil is inexpensive, naturally antimicrobial, and smells divine. Plus, its skin-soothing properties will leave your legs & underarms hydrated with a nice clean shave.

Cuticle Oil

Cracked cuticles? Apply on peeling skin with coconut oil right at the base of nails. It can also help your manicure last longer.

Makeup-brush Cleaner

Cleaning your makeup brushes should be a weekly routine. You can use a DIY cleanser that's two parts antibacterial soap and one part coconut oil.

Body Oil

Why buy a separate body oil? Just slather koqo's oil on wet skin after the shower, then pat dry. You'll smell like a beach vacation all day & keeps your skin nourished all nite!

Whitening Toothpaste

Just ran out of toothpaste? Just mix koqo's coconut oil with some baking soda for a quick fix.

Undereye cream

Why spend extra money on eye cream? Use a dab of koqo's extra sheer oil on undereye bags and fine lines. It's lighter texture is easily absorbed into the delicate skin on your face.


Winter Essential

If where you are going is 24 degrees celsius & under such as a ski holiday, our 150g jar with a wide mouth opening lets you scoop out its solidified content. Nothing beats coconut oil for moisturising in winter time!

*Coconut oil turns cloudy naturally below 24°C and solidify below 18°C. This does not affect the quality of the coconut oil as it reverts to liquid form when the temperature goes up again above 24°C.

Use natural ingredients to exfoliate once a week for brighter & glowing skin.

k o q o's Handmade Facial & Body Scrubs with Young Living Lavender/Peppermint Essential Oils! 100% Natural & Organic. No Preservatives. No Parabens.

How much oil do I apply? Remember, a little goes a long way.

20ml EYE 1. Use this sheer coconut oil around the delicate eye area and forehead to diminish fine lines and reduce wrinkles. 2. Apply 1 drop on ring finger, then dab gently around delicate eye area for 2-3 minutes until completely absorbed. 3. This sheer oil can be applied on face if you prefer a lighter consistency and absorbs faster. Tip: To add 1-2 drops of Frankinsence essential oil. For FACE 1. Pump 2-3 small drops to palm and using ring finger of the other hand, dot the oil around forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, nose and chin. Massage gently in circular motion onto your face. Pat off any excess oil after 5 minutes of applying. (Optional: you may put a warm towel on your face or steam before applying to open up the pores for the oil to penetrate better into the skin or use it right after a warm shower) 2. Mix a dab of it with other face creams you are using as it is 100% natural & is often found in face creams too. 3. Spray some natural spring water prior to applying one pump of coconut all over your face for easier & better spread of the oil. Massage it all over until it is absorbed. Wait around 2 minutes before applying suncreen and makeup. For BODY 1. Start with one pump or 2-3 sprays onto desired area to be applied and massage-in for 2-3 minutes with your warm palms. This will allow the oil to absorb better into your skin. 2. Gently massage oil onto skin, not forgetting your neck, chest area,elbows and knees. 3. Best to apply after a shower when the body is slightly damp after you pat dry. Tip: Allow the oil to be absorbed before you put on your clothes. For HAIR 1. Start with dry hair and coat with koqo face.body. hair coconut oil from root to tip, making sure you massage at least 5 minutes on your scalp. Next, put your hair up in a bun for 30 minutes or sleep overnite. Then, shampoo twice before using conditioner - a natural way to help your hair grow longer, thicker, and faster. (recommend to use organic shampoo/conditioner) 2. On damp hair, apply 1-2 spray of coconut oil to protect your hair from the sun and prevent split/dry ends. Use your fingers to gently massage the oil onto your hair and ends then brush and style as usual. If used on dry hair, please use sparingly. Tip: Coconut oil makes an excellent base for an all-natural hair coloring. It helps to keep your color more vibrant and from fading too quickly.

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